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Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn. Your warm and friendly Counsellor.
Holistic Counselling & Coaching to Support You To Be You In The World.
Hawthorn | East Melbourne | Online

About Me

We each have an enormous amount of depth and wisdom to express in life and to bring to others - sometimes we just lose sight of this in the complexities of life.

Brooke is an experienced and astute Counsellor & Health Coach offering services that support you to heal, grow and thrive. With a nurturing approach and over 15 years experience in the counselling, coaching & wellbeing sector, Brooke brings to sessions a depth and breadth of wisdom that allows you to feel held and supported and really 'go there' in unpacking life's challenges. 

Brooke is deeply passionate about supporting clients to navigate life's challenges, develop self-awareness and the confidence to access their own innate wisdom. Brooke holds a warm and non-judgemental space where clients feel free to express their thoughts and feelings and really 'go there' to address life's troubles and difficulties.  Brooke offers sessions in-person at her clinic in Hawthorn, as well as online. 

Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn

 I bring a depth, wisdom and care to my counselling   practice that supports clients to feel safe and nurtured   and able to work through their presenting issues. 

Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn


Areas of Expertise

Strengths Based Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Health & Lifestyle Coaching, Single-Parent Support, Parenting Support, Career Guidance, Self-Care, Body-Image & Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Depression & Anxiety, Work-place Wellbeing, Developing Confidence, Behaviour Management, Wellbeing & Fitness Programs

Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn


Address underlying hurts and discard the walls you have built around yourself to protect you, that stop you from living a happy, healthy, wholesome life. 


Connect to who you truly are and explore more of what makes you, you. Deepen in your self-worth and self-confidence and learn how to share that with the world. 


With your new platform of self-love, self-worth and confidence, spring into life with the fullness of who you are without the cage of insecurity holding you back. 


Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn


Brooke Lo Giudice Counselling and Coaching offers Holistic Counselling. Brooke works with strengths based and person-centred counselling.  Brooke's warm and nurturing presence ensures that you feel heard and understood and safe to express your feelings. Face to Face in Hawthorn and online via Zoom.

Health & Well-Being Coaching 

Health & Lifestyle Coaching support you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. These sessions will identify areas that need refining, as well as support you to establish supportive, nurturing rhythms and rituals that together, build true health and vitality. 

Brooke Lo Giudice Health Coaching
Brooke offers a holistic approach to working with clients that ensures there is no one-size fits all' approach. She is a Holistic Counsellor using strength-based and person-centred therapies to support clients to develop awareness and utilise their own strengths and innate wisdom to navigate life's challenges.


Get in touch via phone, email or our contact form to touch base and ask any questions that you may have

Book an intro call

Book your free 15 minute intro call to get to know if Brooke is the right fit for you

Ready to go

If you are ready to go you can book in for an session online, via email or phone call. 

  • Do I need a referral?
    No - you do not need a referral. However, we do accept referrals from allied health professionals, EAPs and a range of other services providers.
  • What are your fees?
    Individual Counselling: Initial Individual Counselling Session - $150 (60 minutes) Individual Counselling Session - $130 (50 minutes) Couples Counselling: Initial Couples Session - $180 (60 minutes) Couples Sessions - $150 (50 minutes) Concession: Initial individual concession counselling session - $150 (60 minutes) Individual concession counselling session - $90 (50 minutes) (Valid concession card must be presented) Terms & Conditions: Please note that payment is required prior to, or on the same day as your session. Payment can be made by direct debit or credit card. Please note that cancellations within 24 hours of the session will incur the full session fee.
  • Are the sessions covered by Medicare?
    No - the sessions are not covered by Medicare, however pricing has been adjusted to accommodate this.
  • How do I get started?
    If you're ready to jump straight in, book your initial appointment. If you would like to have a chat first to see if we are a good fit, you can book a complimentary initial 15 minute consult. We will have a general conversation about your goals with counselling and how I might be able to support you. From there, if you would like to proceed, we can book your initial appointment. Following your booking, you will be sent an initial consent/intake form to gather some of your key personal details prior to your first session. Then it's time to attend your session. We allow longer for the first session to give you plenty of space to share what's going on for you and what your goals are from counselling. We gather some background information in this first session also. Counselling can be a little confronting for some for the first time, however many also find it a very supportive space where they get to talk about themselves and what is going on for them in a non-judgemental, non-biased space. For many, it can be the first time they have been truly heard and listened to. I offer a deeply nurturing, respectful and holding space where you can just be you - and discuss anything that is there for you to discuss. If at any point you do not wish to continue with the therapy - there is no obligation to stay. You may leave at any time and discontinue sessions.
  • How long do the sessions go for?
    We allow 75 minutes for your initial session. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes in length.
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