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Brooke Lo Giudice - Health Coaching Hawthorn

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Health Coaching is a collaborative approach to helping you achieve your health and wellbeing goals and most importantly, sustain them.


I offer a non-judgemental and supportive space where we can unpack everything and re-build your foundations of health in a simple, practical way - so that you can live with true vitality in every aspect of your life. 

Life is not about being perfect, or perfecting any of these foundational areas of health, however by understanding these aspects of our health and how they impact our overall wellbeing, we can start to make choices that support us to feel more vital, connected and purposeful and truly maximise life. 

What Is Health & Wellbeing Coaching?

Health & Well-Being coaching is a holistic approach to achieving your health & wellbeing goals. We consider your Body and Being equally, and in these sessions you are offered the opportunity to explore the 7 key areas of health, and make adjustments and refinements to your behaviours, beliefs and lifestyle.  In health & wellbeing coaching we work with The 7 Foundations of Health (or domains):

  • Physical Health 

  • Social Health

  • Spiritual/Soul-full Health

  • Mental Health

  • Emotional Health

  • Workplace Health (including paid work, study, voluntary work)

  • Lifestyle Health

Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn
Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn

You are the expert of your own life, and I am here to educate, inspire and empower you to achieve your health related goals. My job is not to tell you what to do, but to give you the tools and know-how, the inspiration and encouragement to achieve those goals that may currently elude you.

What to Expect in a Session

Prior to your initial session, you will be sent a Client Intake Form / Initial Health Assessment that asks you a little bit about you, your lifestyle, your health and your goals.

In the initial session we start to unpack this and focus on your most pressing goal. Often we will find that one goal may relate to several foundations of health, or that they intertwine.

We will identify your strengths and what areas need further exploration and support. Each session thereafter is a follow on / deeper exploration into each of the 7 Foundations of Health.  What is needed will vary from client to client, however clients may be provided with:

  • Fitness programs

  • Food diaries

  • Personalised meal plans

  • Referrals to other allied health professionals

  • Journaling activities

  • Meditation 

  • Body work

  • Other homework i.e. going on a date, having brunch with a friend, learning to say no, learning to say yes, food preparation... whatever is required to support you in living vitally.

Brooke Lo Giudice - Health Coaching Hawthorn

Initial Health Coaching Sessions are 90 minutes in length. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. 

Brooke Lo Giudice - Counselling Hawthorn

Why undertake Health Coaching with Brooke?

Brooke is the ultimate cheerleader, someone who loves to get behind you and support your development.  In addition to that, Brooke has undertaken studies in counselling, personal training, fitness and pilates, nutrition and Health Coaching, which has given her the skills and know how to support you achieve your health related goals.

Perhaps more importantly, she has committed to her own wellness and personal development – always going deeper with her self-love rituals, clean lifestyle, relationships, career development and living in a way that ensures each domain of health is given focus and attention. She is ot perfect!, but prioritises herself and her wellbeing and is forever learning and peeling back the layers.

Brooke leads a full and vibrant life, with a successful corporate career spanning over 20 years, has been a single parent, a working mother and juggled multiple businesses / creative outlets, all whilst prioritising her own wellness - so she has \he lived experience of looking after herself, while living a busy life and juggling all of lifes demands.


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